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#1 10/5/2010 1:20 am

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TWO mods

Does TWO relay need mods? I mean some are cool and others are not (Urabunny57) she/he has me ban for over 6 mounths allready and still is not over some stupid projected i was in called the revolt and tell me urabunny ( or .iG,if you read this)  if the stealth bot doesnt even work then why have us ban why? huh? if its nto ganna work? then whats the reason for me being ban its not like the bot is ganna achully work. oh and allso i have tried reasoning with he/she for sometime now but she won't even want to listion i mean com one its a ****IN GAME idk were ya'll live at but were i live (USA) we have freedom and that measn if i want to play a dam game with my firends them means i can sooo please unban me i man im not a crimical i dont even know how to ****in hack all i want to do is just war with my clan is that soo much to ask? huh? im not a hacker yes i deserved t be punished and yes i know it can be kinda hard to trust some one oever the internet but atleast give me one last chance it gets anoying whenever you un-ban me then as soon as i come from a game you seem to ban me once agin i mean thank you for un-baning me but dam what is it ganna be unban or baned? ssoooooothts all and for all you dont knwo what the revolt was it was a secreat socity agisnt TWO mods but then at the end i failed with....the rrest of the infomations about the revolt is serceret i would never tell anyone even thought im NO LINGER IN THE REVOL EVERN SINCE THAT DAY so please urabunny un-ban me its not fair that you ban me forvervr over some "dumb" project that was never ever ganna work and i think ive been baned for a long amount of time sooo pelase please unban me please?
and plus im on the erge of retireing sooo im not ganna start a revolt agin i promise : /

BTW my user names are:






thats all them

                            REMEMBER WERE IT ALL BEGAN....."THE REVOLT"

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#2 10/5/2010 1:31 am

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Re: TWO mods

I love you.
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