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#1 3/27/2013 12:58 am

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volcano II beta test!!!
ok im going to do this all in one post, here is what i found to be kind of unfair soo you can change these if you want: first pic shows that player blue got up on that rock just by jumping, where as player red would have to build from his side to get up, that isnt much of an issue but it might be costly if red needs to get on that rock for a shot, and he cant just jump up there like blue would be able to do from his side, because of max distance....
picture number 2 shows that even though that the rock is blown up, (mind you there is a pixel there that i can jump on, but its just an example), and you wouldnt be able to jump onto the ledge from the rock, you can still get up by jumping right and left really fast from where i was standing and you can get up still, where as in picture 3, shows that the rock on left side blown up the same way, and there is no other way up sadly to get to high ground advantage, maybe to take a game winning shot? my way of fixing it would be just to add another rock that leads up on left side, soo that both ways have 2 ways up to their high advantage ground. or fix it so you cant jump up on the right side like that!!!! other than that this map is totally pro, i cant wait for online version, ty again big_smile



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