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#1 8/1/2014 6:34 pm

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Limited time maps

I think this game is very fun, however not much changes after playing it enough times. I think continual users would stay invested in this game if there were limited time maps that could be put up. I also think that putting up limited time maps could test popularity of the potential maps and if anything works out well it could add to the verity of maps to choose from.



#2 8/1/2014 7:02 pm

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Re: Limited time maps

Except, the game hasn't had nearly enough success as it should have, and at this point it's almost impracticable to add new stages and elements to the game. Also, the creator Afro doesn't have time to implement new ideas because they won't make much of an impact and will only appease the few people who still play the game actively. This has been said repeatedly in other topics, but since you're new to the boards, I guess you don't have the insight that some of the other members have here (Well, not me, I'm just restating what others have said.)



#3 8/1/2014 9:14 pm

From: .red: 12/17/2010
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Re: Limited time maps

It takes a lot of time and money to bring a new map out, so limited maps really depend on how much income Afro's getting from the game
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#4 8/1/2014 9:33 pm

Rodimus Mike
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Re: Limited time maps

There is a lovely way of keeping the game going and that is creating your own maps with the level editor and sharing them here. Every person who complains about crappy maps or not enough levels is missing out on a potentially limitless possibility. There is never a 'worst map' or 'needs more maps' when talented people are given such a powerful tool to use to keep the game alive.

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