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#1 11/8/2014 6:15 pm

New member
From: US
Registered: 11/8/2014
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Flame Thrower

I think TW3 should add a flame thrower, yes you heard me! It would be a short ranged weapon which would do 20 damage initially but does 5 damage for 3 turns after the first hit. Each turn after the first hit, you will move a small distance after the damage in either direction, randomly. I think it would add a lot more strategy to the game, so you'll have to watch where you end your turn so you don't fall of an edge.



#2 11/8/2014 6:54 pm

From: Washington
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Re: Flame Thrower

Why do we allow new members?



#3 11/8/2014 6:54 pm

From: Here
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Re: Flame Thrower

I think we should also add a super cool mega explosive firey ultra laser tank missile blower upper with 1069% damage which blows up 443% of the screen with cats raining from the sky that claw your face out with -10hp for each swipe!!!!



#4 11/10/2014 3:19 pm

Rodimus Mike
From: Chicago
Registered: 12/20/2010
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Re: Flame Thrower

Kick2Legit wrote:

Also think the flames from the flamethrower would add on to the lag of TW3. Besides the acid launcher is already there

RumMumMario wrote:

Hey there,Let's say we added Flamethrower

132459867 wrote:

2 Flamethrower (-20 hp every 10 seconds, short range, 3 per game)

bossk wrote:

new possible weapons:flamethrower

dragonrider7 wrote:

Not sure how you D/C'd from that but this is why acid launcher should be replaced with a flamethrower it only causes problems and a flamethrower would be better anyway.

dragonrider7 wrote:

flamethrower:1 war point
max damage:30
ammo:acid launcher ammo
range:less than acid launcher
This weapon shoots fire that can can go through thin walls.

Șε7εɴɖελɖιϓȘίɴȘ wrote:

4.) Flamethrower (For use in any future TW games.)

Crusher111 wrote:

I would suggest swapping it for the original flamethrower idea it was intended to be

dragonrider7 wrote:

flamethrower votes:

joewell911 wrote:

Some upgrade suggestions:flamethrower

Dan134x wrote:

I think the new weapons should do different things like... say an flamethrower just saying for example

BOOM9000 wrote:

tw3 needs a flame thrower

The search button is the place you want to start before making suggestions.

In the future, don't start a new topic when you clearly know there was already a topic on the same subject. Add to the existing topic, don't start a new one because you have a need to be seen.

This is your warning, don't do it again.



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