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#1 9/30/2015 2:19 am

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Map "The Factory" by Terminator6622

Im the owner and creator of this map, but due to too many people who likes the map i've decided to upload it in here and making it public.
Here's a little preview of the map

and here's the download link of the map code: … or6622.txt

You can use, edit, or share this map, but you cannot claim it as yours.

- Climbing the elevator may be hard but its possible. (Me and lots of people had no problem on it)
- Before playing it make sure you change the side of both team bases, when i uploaded it i tought (ex.) the blue team had to reach the blue base, so its a 1 turn win.
- Few people cannot join the map, i dont know if its a general bug, or its just mine, but dunno why it sometimes (rarely) kicks some players before joining.

> Tactic from Truck's side:
There's three ways from that side:
- By the door
- Teleporting or building to the roof
- Bulding though the windows
(Sending all of your men through the principal door will make the enemy easier to defeat you.)

And please tell this tactic (if he's on the truck side) to the opponent as you begin the match or you may get some complaints from the opponent. (Not telling this to a newb it would be very unfair tongue )

So... Enjoy n_n

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#2 11/23/2015 5:50 pm

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Re: Map "The Factory" by Terminator6622

I rememeber, I played with you on this map!



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